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6 Responses to “Comments & Suggestions”
  1. I usually use two large moleskines. One of their 12 or 18 month weekly planners and the other for additional journaling. Would your Daily planner sized mleskine folio work for me?
    I was intersterested in purchasing your daily moleskine filio, but was unsure of the fit?

    Additionally it would be awesome if you all considered developing a pocket sized version. is the only one on the market right now and a smaller version of what you already have would increase your market share.

    • Hi Julie! Our Daily Planner folio should fit both sizes (but only one folio at a time). Let us know if you have additional questions or whether we understood you correctly. We actually just debuted a pocket folio in store –not quite available online but we can certainly make one for you if you can’t make it down to the store! You could e-mail they are listed at $40. If you’re interested we can snap a few photos to show you the feature set.

      Thanks! -Chris

  2. Phil says:

    I own a moleskine folio. And I use the hardcover 18 month moleskine weekly planner. Which bag contains a dedicated pocket for the folio? I know there is a dedicated rear pocket for just the large moleskine notebook, would this pocket also accomodate a folio. I am asking because the folio is larger than a large moleskine notebook.

    • Great question Phil! Our Folio fits nicely in the front pocket of a medium or large Zero Messenger (that’s where we all put ours) but it also fits nicely in the body of any of our bags, but we don’t have what you might consider a “dedicated” pocket. Let me know if you need any more info, photos, clarification etc. -Chris

  3. David says:

    I am really interested in you folio. However, I write mostly using the large quo vadis habana or the large rhodia webnotebook. Would these fit into the folio. COuld you also send pics of you smaller sized folio with measurements.

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