Moleskine Folio

Some of Mark's Journals

Some of Mark's Journals

Testimonials, Comments & Suggestions

This section is dedicated to our new moleskine journal Folio, sized specifically to hold the large size of that most popular brand of blank books. Rickshaw has no affiliation with the “cap-M” moleskine brand, or its U.S. distributor (Chronicle Books, my San Francisco neighbor). I happen to be a (M)oleskine “enthusiast” myself, so I designed this product for my own needs, and what I thought others like me might enjoy. I designed some simpler journal covers in a previous life, but I really wanted something with more features. This project was inspired by another (M)oleskine enthusiast I met on-line, who had developed something similar. The Rickshaw Folio will officially launch in late-March. Meanwhile, we’ve been selling a limited supply of pre-production samples to get some real-world feedback. I will chronicle the testimonials, comments and suggestions here, and I encourage those who already have them to post comments, along with anyone else who wants to chime in. Let’s have some fun! -Mark (Jan 22, 2009)

Mark's Red Cordura w/PCQ Tattoo and Chocolate Binding

Mark's Red Cordura w/PCQ Tattoo and Chocolate Binding

My own testimonial

I must confess, I was originally skeptical of this product idea. Like many journal enthusiasts, I like to embellish the covers of my journals with stickers and paint pen doodles. I was content to clip my pens to the front cover, and store the scraps of paper I collected along the way in a handy pocket on the inside rear cover of my brand of blank book. However, being an engineer and product designer by training, I was drawn to the opportunity to “improve” my journaling “experience”. So here’s my review after 4 weeks of use:
I’m enjoying my Folio more than I ever thought I would. Frankly, the notion of covering my Moleskine with anything never really appealed to me, because I love putting stickers all over mine — front and back. However, with the Folio, I can still enjoy the front cover of my Moleskine, and now my pens and paper scraps are organized. The pens aren’t clipped to the front cover, and scraps aren’t falling out of my book or hidden in the rear pocket. I love it!


A few testimonials from first users

(see comments below for more)

Kelley's BottleBank Thornapple w/Burgundy Binding

Kelley's BottleBank Thornapple w/Burgundy Binding




Kelley B (San Diego, California): I received my folio last week just in time to take it with me on a short trip. I have to say I wasn’t sure how much I would use it because I like to cover my Moleskie with stickers also.  However, I actually ended up using it a lot and loving it.  It’s so easy to keep everything together in one place so I can just grab the folio and take it with me to lunch or dinner or just to the coffeeshop.  I really like that you put in the piece of fabric to protect the cover of the moleskine while it’s in the folio.  The only problem is now my girlfriend loves it also.  So I’m sure I’ll be buying one for her as soon as they go live on your site!

David's Black Xpac w/Red Binding

David's Black Xpac w/Red Binding




David H (England): Hi Mark, just wanted to give you my first testimonial. I had the same thoughts at first about covering my beloved moleskine – I moved away from proprietary planners because of the bulk of the binders you have to have with them. Not a problem with your folio as it doesn’t add that much bulk, and the little bit it does is more than compensated by the organisational detail. The fact that you can carry a number of pens is great and the back clear pocket is great for dealing with receipts and miscellaneous notes and stuff.

I also like putting stickers and writing on the outside of my journal in silver/gold – yet this can still be done as you can still see the front cover.

The zip pocket is just great for keeping spare business cards, blank 3×5 notecards which I use for quick notes (once I write on them they then go in the clear pocket) stamps and other personal items.

Add to all the above that you can customise the cover and binding and I think that this is the hottest product out there for molskine enthusiasts. You really can be individual in your choices.

I find it really easy to hold – in fact it makes portable journalling even easier in my opinion. It fits really easily into my bag and when zipped it is really compact.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any moleskine enthusiast/journal writer who is looking for a product that aids organisation and and portablity with the great looks available through customisation.

I will be ordering one each for my kids later this year as Xmas presents. (they also use moleskines)


Jennifer's Black Burberry w/Black Binding

Jennifer's Black Burberry w/Black Binding




Rev. Jennifer B (Syracuse, New York): Dear Mark, I received my Folio on Monday and am absolutely loving it!  Here’s what I like about it:  It fits nicely into my handbag and looks sharp being carried on its own.  The pen protector flap is holding up nicely and I like how much better my Moleskine feels now that all of the stuff I had in the back pocket has been moved to the front zipped pocket of the Folio.  It is also holding up well to the snowy Syracuse weather we’ve been having.  Not that I’ve been leaving it around in snow drifts or anything, but when I walked to my Slow Food meeting last night, I was able to brush away the snow flakes and the exterior really resisted the moisture and wet snow.  Finally, I really love the solid craftsmanship.  The Folio is aesthetically pleasing, has a nice hand feel, and the stitching and quality of the materials suggests that this is giong to hold up for years to come.  This is my first Rickshaw product  and I’ve fallen for it so much that I dream of another Folio for one of my other Moleskines, and now I REALLY want the Skinny Commuter Bag.  I have been looking at them for a good six months now.   I don’t need it, I have to confess, so I’m giving my brother my current computer messenger bag–made by a company you know very well–so that I can have an excuse to save up for a Rickshaw bag.  Because if the Folio is this great than the bags must be spectacular!

Before I sign off, I need to say a word about the effectiveness of your communication–Flickr pages, videos, emails, and the blog.  It is rare in my experience to be able to communicate with the CEO of a company such as  yours.  If you’re trying to build brand loyalty with me–well, you got me.  If you wanted me to somehow feel part of the Rickshaw team or movement–mission accomplished.  Your products are compelling but the way you communicate about them helps me to feel like I am purchasing more than a bag or folio–I’m supporting the things I value.  I understand your  mission and it resonates with me.  And because I’ve communicated with you directly–with 3,000 miles between us–Rickshaw is no longer an anonymous company that happens to make great products.  Now I’m invested in Rickshaw doing well.  And I hope you do.  And if there is anything I can do lend my support I’ll be happy to do it.

Many thanks for all you do.

Nicholas' Royal Purple w/Amethyst Binding

Nicholas' Royal Purple w/Amethyst Binding




Nicholas G (Australia): Let me start by saying I have no affiliation, just a delighted customer!

Looking for a cover for your Moleskine that is:

Protects your diary
Holds your pens
Protects your pens
Holds your paraphernalia 
Custom made
Not too costly

Look no further, here it is!

This one is in silk in a fabric chosen by me, but have no fear you can be as creative or as straight forward as your fabric and imagination allows.

the Moleskine fits in beautifully, not too snug, just right (assuming a 21cm x 13cm journal). It includes room for 4 pens (and large enough for good sized pens – pic has my Edison Pearl, Visconti Wall St LE and MYU 701)
and these are separated from the Moleskine by a protective flap that both protects the pens and the Journal from each other until they’re ready to share ink.

Behind the pens there is a zip feature for inserting bits and pieces securely.

Everything opens up flat, so no need to remove the journal to write. It’s snug, protected and practical.

At the back there’s a pocket to insert your Moleskine pocket PLUS a clear protective pocket for photos etc, that you can view at a glance!

Finally, the whole thing zips up to protect the lot from the cruel outside world with a smooth, strong zip that has no problem with you adding any number of bits and pieces as you go about your travels.

So all-in-all this is a wonderful piece of design limited only by your imagination and with all the practicalities you could possibly need at an affordable price. There is even open access to the cover of your Moleskine for those who insist on covering them with stickers, grafitti etc.

Mark Dwight, the designer of the Folio. and founder and CEO of Rickshaw Bagworks, is a great guy to do business with. He works with you, sends you videos and Flickr photos to show you progress and listens to your ideas with a totally open mind.

I know this sounds like a big ad, but it’s just a sharing of a happy FPNer.

Mark Dwight reports on his bicycle travels with the Folio

Greetings Folio Fans! I just completed a 5-day 500-mile bicycle ride from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, to attend the annual TED conference. All along the way, my Rickshaw Moleskine Folio was my faithful companion. I used it as a wallet, stash for postcards, receipts and business cards, and trip journal (of course!). During my trip, I used my Flip Video Camera to create a series of “video postcards” which I have been posting on my YouTube page. I made a special video postcard for my fellow folio fans. Check it out…

26 Responses to “Moleskine Folio”
  1. Mark — I blame my Moleskin addiction on you 🙂

  2. Orly says:

    When will these bad boys be going “live”. Please give more of an estimate than “soon”……..I’m waiting……… gerr! : (

  3. JoHanna says:

    Mark ~ I have been using my folio for a month now and am smitten with it. I love the way it holds everything and lays flat to write or sketch. The pen compartments are fabulous with the larger size and ability to hold markers as well as regular pens. The padding keeps the pen impressions off of my moleskine and the zippered pockets protect “valuables” that I don’t want fluttering to the ground when I am working in it. The clear pocket in the back is great for inspirational photos and reminder notes. The only change I would make (for myself ) is to get a different material for the cover. I have two cats and the “suede” loves to collect their fur. It isn’t hard to remove, but I have noticed that it is a hair and fuzzball magnet. The next one I get will have something slicker and fur resistant. However, with that said, the suede is a beautiful material and soft to the touch. Folks without critters, will love it. I have that problem with anything that has a roughened surface, so it isn’t the fault of the folio. I can’t wait to order another one.
    By the way… your 500 mile journey was amazing and I loved the videos that you sent along to all of us. I feel like you are a friend and wish you well in all of your company’s and personal endeavors. You make a great product and you are inspiring in your personal goals and ethics.

  4. Davey says:

    I’ve got mine! It’s black, it’s sailcloth fabric is awesome. Yes, it has a story. Everybody here has done a great job outlining the product, Me, I’ll talk experience. Good experience is equal to good product. Bare with me here.

    So I email Mark on the day before New Year’s Eve cause I want one. Guess what, Mark emails me back New Year’s eve with the bad news…can’t get one till March. OK, I’m patient. Then I tell this same story on an Arabic blog about MacWorld. I think Mark’s feeling bad cause he put me off till March. A couple of days later he emails me with the go-ahead to place an order. This presents it’s own set of problems…have you seen the fabric choices? A couple of emails later and I’m getting the sailcloth fabric from Dimension-Polyant. Which by the way, was a great choice.

    So the folio comes, I open the package, I’m floored. The product is great. It’s everything you’d expect and then some. I knew Mark delivered Value, but hold on, stay with me a minute. I’m in marketing, I sell, I do a lot of creative things, or so I thought.

    First…a handwritten post card. A quick note of thanks on a Rickshaw bagworks postcard. Now thats good experience.

    Second…his b-card. Paying attention to detail is my forte. Take my word for it, this is the coolest, most creative b-card I’ve seen. It’s on cardboard stock with artwork on the reverse.

    Third…a sheet of 12 stickers. I never saw these on the web site. Suffice it to say they are high quality; mylar with a really cool design layout and original Rickshaw artwork.

    So, you can’t get this stuff just anywhere…maybe nowhere else. An earlier post gave kudos to the communication, this is an extension. After the sale thought, some additional icing on the cake. I said good experience…it’s really Wow experience. A super product by a super company delivering super experience. I’ll close by saying support this company. You need a bag a wallet, a folio: get it at Rickshaw. I want this company to be a huge success…because they’ve earned it.

  5. Jennifer BB says:

    Davey, I’m right with you on the stickers. I’ve put them on my Moleskines and my water bottles–love them!

  6. DavidH says:

    Just wanted to add on from my comments about the product and say something about the experience, agreeing with the great comments above.

    I was blown away, as like the reviewer above, that I e-mailed Mark just before New Year and was surprised to get a response pretty quickly (I am in the UK and 8 hours in front of SF). Mark replied that he had got orders for the first 15 but if there were any changes I would be first on the list. What do you know I had an email from Mark a day later saying I could have one!!
    Needless to say I was really pleased but then the choice of fabrics and bindings!!??? I eventually settled on the black sail fabric with red binding (see image above).

    I received it within 2 weeks which is pretty good to the UK and I was also blown away. The whole experience was awesome and Mark really gets you involved in the process.
    I have already reviewed the folio above but after 4 weeks of use I cannot do without it!!! What did I do before I had it??

    I feel an emotional attachment to Rickshaw now and hope everything they do is a success. In these difficult times it is great to see a company, and the CEO, doing something different, driven by their values and having so much fun!

    I hope I see Rickshaw in the UK soon, I think there is a definite market niche here in the UK if they wanted to pursue it one day.

  7. Robert Wu says:

    Hi Mark,

    Looks like you’ve got a fantastic product in your hands!

    I first read about the folio via the Moleskinerie website. I’ve been a Moleskine user since 2001 and have used them for work as well as personal sketchbooks and diaries. I’ve tried to insert them into various generic day planners and converting my old Franklin Covey planner folios to hold them with my sketch pens with varying degrees of “comfort”. It looks like you’ve covered “all the bases” with your unique design.

    What do I need to do to get a test version? I would love to provide you with my own experiential feedback. I’ve shown your demonstration video to a few of my artist friends and they are also looking forward to seeing the actual product!

    Also want to say I truly admire what you’ve done with Rickshaw Bagworks and your PCQ Manifesto (mission statement). Let me know if you need any support here in New York!


    Robert Wu

  8. Hi Robert. Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to making a folio for you and hearing your comments. So far, the early users have been pleased with the design and features. I’ll contact you directly about making a custom folio.

  9. Rhonda says:

    As one of the lucky 15, I would like to add my praise for the product, the company, and Mark! I love the folio, it is exactly the product Mark advertised in his video. I happen to be the one in the 15 that Fed Ex lost the package. Mark immediately replaced it and rushed out the order. Somewhere out there is a twin to my Folio……wish I could find it! You can see my folio over at my blog: I think I have a “one of a kind” since Mark replaced it with the same fabric and that might have been all of the fabric. I highly recommend the Folio, hope they go into production next month….is that the plan, Mark?
    Regards, Rhonda

  10. JP Roberts says:

    I wasn’t one of the lucky 15 but Mark did graciously decide to create another short run of folios and I was part of that group. I received my folio last week and I have to say that the quality is amazing! I chose the burberry with black binding and you can feel the craftsmanship in the product just by simply holding it in your hands. The fabric feels great and is holding up well! I’m a creative director at an animation and design studio in Kansas City and I’ve already stuffed it with pens and notes on all of the various projects I have to keep track of. Overall, If you’re a Moleskine fanatic, you owe it to yourself to check out Mark and Rickshaw Bagworks. Marks dedication to the Moleskine community and the world at large is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted world! Thanks for making a great product and standing behind it Mark! I’ll definitely be doing more business with Rickshaw!

  11. mmdwight says:

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It sounds like we’ve got a winner! We’re currently gearing-up to make the product available to all. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. In a few weeks, I’ll have something very exciting to share with all you journal enthusiasts. Keep an eye on this blog.



  12. Jim Six says:

    Sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve been busy using my Rickshaw Moleskine folio.

    This was a transition for me, using the new folio. I’d already been using a ballistic nylon Moleskine cover made by a guy in Israel. It was a complete book cover type of case, with both covers sliding into the front and back flaps. It has a couple of pen loops and a flap that closed with a Velcro-type hook-and-loop material.

    It fit well, whether I had just the notebook in it or used the pockets of the cover flaps to stuff things in.

    So when I ordered the Rickshaw folio, it was a crap shoot whether I’d actually use it, since I was already satisfied with the one I had.

    So, when I got the Rickshaw — in the black sail cloth Mark helped me find — I slipped my bulging Moleskine into it.

    At first, I felt that it was so snug it didn’t give me any growing room. In fact, while the back cover is flat, the front side curves, thanks to the pen loops on the inside front cover.

    I’ve gotten used to that, though, and have absolutely no complaints. This thing is stylish AND utilitarian! It’s holding everything the other cover did and zips up to be much more secure.

    And I like using it a lot more. It’s fun to use, maybe because it is so stylishly designed.

    I’m enjoying the heck out of this thing and am glad I had the other cover to make a comparison — the Rickshaw Bag Works Moleskine folio wins, hands down!

  13. Colin Henry says:


    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. My folio has been in constant use since the evening i got it. I straddle two worlds, the world of enterprise software and the thriving coffee and tech scene that is Seattle. The folio allows me to put a presentable face on my moleskine for corporate meetings (btw you were right the burberry and black look excellent!) and still lets me decorate my moleskine with all the awesome stickers from the tech scene. More than a few moleskine fans both in my office and on the street have asked where they can get one. I politely tell them where it came from and it should be on the market soon (leave it to a techie to take pride in one-upmanship on even his accessories for paper goods). Bottom line, the folio is total win. Great work!

  14. mmdwight says:

    Posting email testimonial from Erin:

    This may be a rather odd testimonial, but it speaks to the quality of Rickshaw products. Shortly after receiving my folio, I put my 2009 Moleskine planner in and hauled it off to school. A week or two after I’d been using my folio on campus every day, I slipped on the ice and dislocated my patella (that’s kneecap for all you non-nerds). I fell backwards, and low and behold, managed to not crack my head on the ice because my folio was in my bag and it’s thickness was just enough to prop me up and keep me from konking myself something good.

    Other than my death defying save by folio, it has been the place I’ve been keeping track of bills, doctor’s business cards, appointments, and all the other stuff I’ve been accruing when I leave the house. I just zip everything up, and bring only what I need with me. Nothing falls out, nothing gets damaged or wet if I drop it, since I may be a bit clumsy. Having a place to keep safe my private thoughts and musings together, along with all the random scraps of paper and other stuff I collect on a daily basis has been excellent. No pen dents in the cover, and pockets for stashing in all the right place. Construction wise, it’s held up to the beating of and overstuffed messenger bag on a college campus.

    In addition to the quality craftsmanship, working with Rickshaw as a company has been a pleasure. The customer service is above and beyond, and they have excellent channels of communication. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


  15. Robert Wu says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve been using my Moleskine Folio (Black Xpack w/dark green binding) for a week now and it’s “performing” beyond my expectations! Here are a few observations I’ve made about the product during it’s first week through the streets of the “Big Apple”…

    * The Xpack shell held up well while experiencing some recent rainstorms. It wet briefly while being transferred to my backpack. All I did was wipe off the water which “beaded” on the surface and I was on my way…

    * The pen holders kept my 3 sketch pens and 1 oversized highlighter in place without adding extra bulk to the folio. You couldn’t tell there were 4 pens in the folio when it was zippered shut.

    * The interior protective flat prevented my pens from scratching/nicking the cover of my sticker-ladened Moleskine.

    * The front pocket (hidden) held receipts and back pocket (clear) was perfect for holding a favorite photo of my children.

    * When open the Folio was perfectly flat and held up well whether I was taking notes at a meeting or doing a quick sketch standing in Central Park.

    * The color match you suggested for the black xpack material and the dark green binding was perfect (for me), as I felt is was unobtrusive and professional especially when used during business meetings.

    * One suggestion for improvement — regarding the end of the binding stitch. I felt the stitch could have been a bit “tighter” as there seems to be a a slight gap between the outer and inner binding strip at the point of overlap. Additionally, it would be better if you could “coat” the end of the binding strip to keep it from unravelling after prolonged use. I’ll email you somes pics of this in a separate email.

    Mark, all in all, I was impressed by your level of personalized service (similar to many of the previous comments above). Your follow-up communication for my “order-on-request” was excellent and I look forward to being a regular customer at Rickshaw Bagworks.

    Keep up the great work!


  16. Kate Trgovac says:

    Hi, Mark ..

    Just saw these on Flickr. WOW! If you have any more samples, I would be more than happy to do a review on 🙂

    Great stuff!

    Cheers .. Kate

    • mmdwight says:

      Hi Kate. Thanks for your note. We don’t have any samples to give away at this time, but we are getting wonderful testimonials from the owners of our pre-production samples. The product will be officially released April 15. Cheers! -Mark

  17. Maartje says:

    Dear Mark,

    I love my Moleskine-folio!
    Have been using it everyday since it arrived, since I put my daily planner in it.
    It works great. I take it with me to go to lunch instead of a bag. My money and mobile phone fit in the extra pockets and this way I can write down appointments directly.
    My colleagues at the business where I’m an intern love it to!

    My Moleskine arrived just ten days after you send it, which is great considering I am in the Netherlands.
    Loved the stickers and handwritten letter.

    Been looking at your bags, but have to save up some money first 🙂

    Thank you for the great service and personal touch.


  18. Erin says:

    Please oh please consider making a line of portfolio’s for those of us who are suckers for the 7 ½” x 10” softcover moleskines. I need more space for my poetry than the little journals, but I’m in love with your products. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  19. George Larrimore says:

    Seems that I am confused, I thought your Journal Folio was an existing product but based on these comments it appears that it is a product that is coming out in April. please advise if that is correct. I would like to pre-order if possible. i looks like exactly the thing i need.
    George Larrimore

  20. Garrison Smith says:

    Dear Mark,

    I have to say your customer focus, communication, and your community involvement are true example for other companies to follow.

    I purchased the Moleskine folio and have made this a personal staple for my day to day business organization. I am so dependent on this product that upon the arrival of my ipad I am hoping you will make a folio product for this device. If I had the opportunity for some input I would indicate the following:

    Business Card Slot ( used in your folio)
    Zippered Pocket ( used in your folio)
    Accordion style slot for papers from meetings
    small pocked for usb flash drive for files ( lacie iamkey)

    Anything outside of that it is icing. Mark key doing the great things you do. I appreciate your contributions to help keep my sanity.


    Garrison Smith

  21. This is everything in a nutshell, I can have my small moleskin for notes and writings, my large for overall biz and organizing and it still will hold my actual planner, biz cards and phone.
    Plus, you I can have it made out of reclaim PET.

    Well done

  22. ernie resillez says:

    Got my folio about 1 month ago. I love it. Its a great way, and a classy way to carry my M. Great quality

  23. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  24. Rathindra ROY says:

    I have been test driving my Moleskine folio in Chennai, India, literally the other side of the world, and its brilliant. An elegant, easy to use system that keeps the journal, writing instruments and all sorts of bits and pieces together. A little feedback to improve an already great product: 1) Recommend the soft cover Moleskine because the hard cover version fills the folio to a point when you can’t carry too much else; or 2) Add another quarter of an inch and enable the hard cover enthusiasts to carry all that they want to but couldn’t.

    Have you considered the possibility of a folio for the smaller Moleskine, a pen and the iPhone…. that would be mastering the analog-digital world in one shot. Cheers. Rathindra

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