Chasing Rickshaws in New York

Part of being Rickshaw is in the daily journey. As you may know the inspiration for our brand is a book titled Chasing Rickshaws and this weekend our founder Mark Dwight did just that. After hunting for an authentic Rickshaw for a few months we finally tracked one down in upstate New York and we … Continue reading

Technicolor: From the runway to the Rickshaw

Here at Rickshaw we can keep you on the leading edge of the latest fashion trends with our huge selection of colors and patterns.

Park(ing) day at Rickshaw.

Nothing as fitting for a Friday afternoon as taking back a little piece of urban space to create a single-day public space to enjoy our beautiful city. Welcome to Park(ing) day 2010 all across the city!

Sunday Drive

Today I went for a longer test drive on my new Rivendell touring bike, in preparation for my 500-mile trek to Long Beach to attend the TED Conference. It was a glorious morning here in San Francisco – clean streets, clear air and a brisk ocean breeze. I headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge … Continue reading

Got my new Rivendell bicycle!

On Thursday (now yesterday) I took BART to Walnut Creek to get my new Rivendell touring bicycle, which I will be riding 500 miles from SF to Long Beach to attend the TED conference (and back again). More about my ride later. TED runs February 4-7, and Rickshaw is once again the TEDbag sponsor, with … Continue reading

What a day!

Making good on one of my New Year’s resolutions — to start using the various web resources I’ve been diligently avoiding  — I’m now drowning in a deluge of tweets, wall postings, comments and emails from my head-first foray into social networking. To think, we didn’t even have PCs when I was in college. This is … Continue reading

It’s a brand new day!

Good morning! Today, those two words ring differently in my ears — because I sincerely believe that this morning is different — in a very good way. I believe yesterday was an inflection point in the history of America. Not because the problems we face this morning are any less than those we faced yesterday … Continue reading