Across the finish line! Mark arrives at TED!

Mark arrived at TED!
On February 23rd our CEO, founder, and friend Mark Dwight set off on his 500+ mile journey to TED in Long Beach. If you missed the first installment, click here to read about our team send off at sunrise on the Golden Gate Bridge and watch our video of the recap below.
With three days under his belt here’s the final two days of his challenging ride:
February 26th
8:30AM It is on! Headed down a steep grade (see photo below)
8:56AM Made it down the hill safely. Kept it under 35mph. Kept thinking what would happen if I got a flat at that speed.Putting on sunscreen now. Is it snowing in SF yet?
11:10AM Greetings from Santa Barbara. Mile 55. Clear skies all the way. Very cold here. Stopping for lunch before the next 50-mile stretch.
11:31AM Hot pastrami sandwich at Norton’s. Delicious before the final stretch.
1:36AM Mile 83. Ventura. Almost done!
6:54PM Day 4 is done. Greetings from Venice Beach. Just enjoyed an amazing sunset. Epic ride today — 146 miles! 9 hours 14 minutes ride time. Easy victory ride tomorrow.

Steep grade. Ready for a downhill ride!

A final hot pastrami to fuel up for the finish line.

February 27th
10:30AM Back in the saddle for my Day 5 Victory Ride — about 30 miles — to the Long Beach Convention Center.
1:27PM I made it! Safely arrived at TED and ready to be inspired!

Success! Mark arrives at TED muddy, cold, and happy!

To celebrate TED this year we’ve released a special edition version of our Standard Commuter Laptop Bag.

TED edition Commuter Laptop Bag

If you’d like to donate to Mark’s  At The Crossroads campaign to help homeless youth, check out his profile here, and help us get him to his $5,000 goal. If you’d like to learn more about TED conferences check out the line up and see what Mark’s experiencing this week!
One Response to “Across the finish line! Mark arrives at TED!”
  1. Glad you made it safely Bro. Love the send-off video.

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