First three days of the ride from SFO–>LAX

As you may have seen earlier this week, Team Rickshaw and a few super fans (Thanks Kent Barnes and Juliette Hoffman!) met early Wednesday morning February 23rd to see our founder and CEO Mark Dwight off on his 500+mile bike ride to TED Long Beach. 

This year Mark’s ride doubles as a fundraiser for At The Crossroads which provides jobs and shelter for homeless youth. (Check out Mark’s pledge here, and help us get him to his $5,000 goal!)
Here are the in the moment updates from the past three days:
February 23rd:
5:45am We started by meeting at the iconic San Francisco Ferry Building and rode together as a team to the middle of the Golden Gate for an iconic send off on Mark’s new trusty Steed (check out the build out here).
6:40am Arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. Just in time for sunrise.
2:31pm Mile 100. Completed, many more to go.
4:57pm I Made it! Completion of first day’s ride 129 miles, 8hrs 30min ride time, 15.1 mph average speed, Just 390 more miles! 🙂
6:38pm The new bike is great! I was a little nervous about making this the maiden voyage, but, so far so good. My new bike is a great ride. The gears are shifting perfectly. Everything is silky smooth and quiet. It feels nice and stable. The fit is just right. And it looks great.  I love the bright red paint, and those fenders really are the finishing touch! It’s especially gratifying having done most of the assembly myself. Next, I’m going to learn how to build a frame!
February 24th:
7:22am On the road again. Day 2. Carmel and Big Sur this morning. 130 miles to Morro Bay.
8:37am Gorgeous day along Carmel coast
11:07am I’ve reached Bixby Bridge (See video below)
11:32am I’ve reached Big Sur Mile 35 Still have a long road ahead Little to no cell service next 50-70 miles Ciao!
3:26pm Ragged Point (and so am I) It’s been a tough slog. 50 miles of uphill climbs and downhill runs — but the climbs just get harder as the day wears on. Average speed so far, just 13.2 mph. I’m at Ragged Point, mile 81 so far today. 40 more to go. Another 3 hours of riding. Ugh. Can’t wait for a hot shower and a cold beer!
6:32pm Day 2 is in the bag! Made it to Morro Bay at 6:15. 125 miles today. I’m half-way to LA, and I’m exhausted!
February 25th:
8:26am Good morning! Hit the road a little before 7:00. Light rain and a little wind. Chilly. Having a coffee at Peet’s in San Luis Obispo. Mile 17. It’s gonna be a long day…
9:39am Damn. First flat. Mile 26.6. Rear, of course! Photo op indeed… (See photo above)
10:22am Flat fixed. Back on the road again.
1:48pm Well, this is fun! Made it to Guadalupe at 12:30. Mile 52. Ride time 4 hrs. The last hour was brutal. Strong headwinds in the Santa Maria Valley slowed me to 7-8-9 miles per hour on a long flat stretch where I would otherwise cruise along at 20-25 mph. The shoulder is narrow and muddy from the tractors tending the fields — and the mud is 6-inches deep to the right. Feels like I’m pedaling through puddles of molasses. Half the speed, twice the time, twice the work. It started pouring rain during the last half hour. I stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I’m looking out the window at the rain coming down at a 45-degree angle — which will be head-on when I’m back on the bike. I’m shivering cold, but I’ll warm-up after a few miles.Next stop, Lompoc. About 30 miles and two good climbs. We’ll see if I still have time (and energy) to go another 50 miles from there to Santa Barbara. Adios!
5:19pm I’m done for the day! Made it to Lompoc at 4:50. I’m soaked and chilled to the bone marrow. No way I’m riding another 50 miles to Santa Barbara tonight. Time to warm up and dry off.
Morro Bay to Lompoc
79 miles
6:23 ride time
12.2 average speed
Wind, rain, cold, mud
333 miles total so far 

Beer time!

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