OAK to PDX, a Rickshaw Bags travel tale.

With Lunar New year giving our office and factory a three day weekend, I hopped a plane to Portland to see my sister and her family.  I took my very own new custom Medium Zero (Secret Garden Tweed / Florescent Green inside / Moss Binding and buckles) with me that compliments my sister’s new Medium Zero Messenger Bag (Earl Grey Tweed with Blue Skies inside and steel binding) plus two Kiss Me Kits for the kids.  I quickly made my way through security in Oakland and landed safely in beautiful, overcast Portland.

Besides visiting my sister and her family, my goal was to visit our newest retailer: Missing Link Toys on N. Mississippi Street.  Can I just say, that all of the neighborhoods in Portland have distinct personalities, just like here in San Francisco, but N. Mississippi Street was my favorite.  Just a quick drive and a short walk we easily found Missing Link Toys and popped in.  Our bags were beautifully displayed in the window and along three shelves on the side of the shop.  We were greeted by a sweet old dog, who allowed my young niece and nephew to pet and play with him.  Susan, the shop owner was so nice and friendly, and was so enthusiastic to have our bags in the store.  She showed such passion for her business of selling toys, games, bags and much more.  She was incredibly knowledgeable about where all the items come from, whether it’s a bag maker in SF, or a screen printer from Portland.

You can tell right away that she cares deeply about small businesses, local goods and her community.  I bought myself a Missing Link T shirt, and a second shirt from a small company called Squidfire who screen print in Baltimore.  I also picked up a PVC-free Neanderthal Eraser made by Kikkerland designs, for my boyfriends office.  Overall I loved the creativity and variety of items at Missing Link Toys.  After saying our goodbyes, we explored the rest of the street and walked away with many more gifts.  I absolutely recommend visiting this neighborhood next time you find yourself in Portland. Of course if you live in Portland, please stop by and say hi to the friendly folks at Missing Link, and tell your friends that they can buy their own Rickshaw Bag there!

As for the Kiss Me Kits, my niece was excited to make Valentines for her mom and dad, so we spent the afternoon sticking hearts and learning to spell Valentines. The chocolate went over very well with mom and dad (and visiting auntie), as did the mints for clearing up stuffy noses.


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