A Partnership Made in Sustainable Heaven and San Francisco.

You could say it was love at first sight when the Green Team leader took a tour of our Dogpatch factory after learning about our Round Trip Shipper, a green shipping option that’s currently in development. In researching a local, useable, sustainable gift for the Green Team Leader’s Summit, an annual gathering of Team Leaders from around the world, Rickshaw came to mind.

The goal was to design a custom gift for the Green Team leaders as well as something that will surely be a much sought after item in giveaways at Green Team events and online. The final designs turned out beautifully.

The Green Team works on projects to make eBay’s operations more environmentally friendly, including reducing energy and water consumption; encouraging lower impact commuting; reducing the use of consumable/disposable products; bringing more sustainable food into its cafes; and getting involved with local communities.  It was started by 40 employees, and today, more than 2,300 employees and 300,000 eBay users around the world are eBay Green Team members – promoting green business practices within eBay, volunteering in communities, and supporting environmental legislation.

At eBay, small actions can make a big difference in the world. And that’s what the eBay Green Team is all about: encouraging and empowering individuals to buy, sell and think green every day. We have a similar vision at Rickshaw. We call it Change for Good. Small steps to encourage positive change in your life and the world. This is a part of my personal vision and my New Year’s resolution.  Ultimately, I’d like to know where and how everything I have purchased is created. Along with that, I’d like to support only local businesses.

I’m thrilled that Rickshaw and I are able to be a part of eBay’s sustainability initiatives. Its refereshing to know that a large company like eBay  has committed to change for good.

Lisa Taylor

2 Responses to “A Partnership Made in Sustainable Heaven and San Francisco.”
  1. Dave Sloan says:

    Love the eBay Green bag. Really unique with the green shopping cart pattern on the interior. Great to see so much creativity coming out of Rickshaw Bagworks.

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