Loving local Dogpatch ice cream with Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

Owners Ian and Annabelle share the "love"

We were ecstatic when Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous opened their doors less than a year ago. As you can imagine we love the Dogpatch but we love it a little more with ice cream in arms reach of our Rickshaw factory! With old-fashioned style and delicious nouveau flavors, our friends Ian and Anabelle have made quite a splash.

Each batch is hand spun from organic ingredients, and when it’s gone that’s it. So if it jumps out at you, take a pint home. Our personal favorites are “real” mint cookie, bananas foster, chicory coffee and of course ballpark (Anchor Steam beer flavored ice cream with salted peanuts, chocolate and pretzels.) Homemade toppings like Recchiuti fudge, caramel, house made whipped cream and fresh toasted almonds complete an amazing sundae.

Outside of the deliciousness we’re pleased to see our local community grow. On a sunny day we see more and more smiling faces walking by with a hand rolled cone and we’re so excited for all the development happenings in the Dogpatch as we speak. We’ve been lucky to make great friends along the way, and we love supporting small businesses especially these guys who rock our world on  a weekly basis.

I think I see an ice cream bag in our near future! Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous 699 22nd St. (at Third St.); open daily, 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

One Response to “Loving local Dogpatch ice cream with Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous”
  1. Cute couple. Mr. and Mrs Misc.

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