A Solar Powered San Francisco?

I always say “Sustainability comes from within.” Ok, so I don’t always say that but I usually believe it. Tonight I was on a run in Civic Center Plaza and noticed some new tall wind turbines had gone up nestled behind the rows of electric cars and fancy new bike racks. Apparently these are part of an “off the grid” pilot program for completely solar-powered street lights.
Earlier in 2010 Civic Center Plaza was ordained with the honorary title “SF Green Resource District” and maybe that title isn’t just for show. I’m not familiar with too many details about this solar pilot program but from a pedestrian’s perspective I can say the the super bright lights did an amazing job lighting the 1965 statue Three Heads Six Arms on loan from the Palace Gallery in New York.

Three Heads Six Arms -Zhang Huan b.1965

It would seem however, not all are fans, as during my jog I heard two passers by grumble, “This monstrosity is messing up the lighting. Why do they have to mess with my plaza.” However I might argue the extra light is great for dog owners who take late night walks and might need help spotting their four-legged companion’s little “treasures.”

Solar Powered Shadow

Working for a brand focused on sustainability we’re always asking ourselves how we can do things better. Is a solar powered Rickshaw in our future? Maybe, but for now I’m excited to see what comes of this pilot program in what may become America’s greenest city. Thumbs up to green initiatives these solar lights are as bright as the morning sun as seen by my solar-powered shadow.
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