Chasing Rickshaws in New York

Part of being Rickshaw is in the daily journey. As you may know the inspiration for our brand is a book titled Chasing Rickshaws and this weekend our founder Mark Dwight did just that. After hunting for an authentic Rickshaw for a few months we finally tracked one down in upstate New York and we thought what better way to enjoy the winter than a weekend jaunt for an iconic acquisition.

Transporting a rickshaw is a bit of an adventure, and below you’ll find the to the minute updates from chronicling Mark as he traveled upstate to fetch our new holiday ride.

December 6th

7am taxi from Manhattan to Uhaul in Queens to pick-up a cargo van. Cold and overcast. Chance of snow flurries. Fingers crossed for fair weather on our 200-mile drive north to the town of Gansevoort.

In the U-haul. Engine warming up.

First pit stop at 140 miles. 60 more miles to go. Cold, but no snow. Luckily.

We have acquired the target! 199.7 miles in 4 hours. Heading back to Manhattan now.

We delivered the Little Red “Minishaw” to Worksman Mfg Co at 5:15 after 415 miles and almost 9 hours of driving in the noisy Uhaul cargo van. We’re a little shell-shocked but relieved to have that road trip behind us… The Rickshaw is a cute little thing, and the prefect prop for our store. We’re enjoying a glass of wine at the Sapphire bar at JFK, waiting for our flight home. Mission accomplished. See you tomorrow. -Mark

So, there you have it. Minute by minute updates as our CEO Mark Dwight set off on an adventure of both big and small proportions. We’re excited our new friends at Worksman Bikes (America’s oldest bike manufacturer) are helping make the much longer leg of the trip possible –transporting the minishaw from NY State to Sunny SF. In a month when it arrives, you’ll have to stop by our store to see our new “minishaw” in person.


2 Responses to “Chasing Rickshaws in New York”
  1. newoaktown says:

    I have your rickshaw’s big brother, check it out here:

    Glad to see more local manufacturing!! Keep up the good work and I’ll find you when I wear out my gifted timbuktu bag 🙂

    Best wishes,

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