Introducing the DODObag.

A Rickshaw/Dodo messenger bag collaboration.

The DODObag by Rickshaw and its companion DODO case.

A few weeks ago, we set out to make the ultimate compliment to the Dodocase.

Dodo Cases is a local SF Made brand that makes a rather unique Moleskine-inspired case for iPad and has developed a rather cultish following over the past few months.

With our geographic proximity and shared passion for craft and all things hand made we thought a collaboration was absolutely essential. We started with their iconic bookplate and rendered a special edition celebrating our collaboration –we wanted this to feel like an iconic part of our special edition bag just as it does in the Dodocase.

Starting with our collaborative bookplate and signature colors

We worked directly with the Dodo team making revisions to our first samples and spent time really adding a high level of detail to the bag. It tells a rich story and maintains the sleek simple profile that Rickshaw’s messenger bags are known for.

We added a simple embroidery showcase Dodo's new logo.

The result is the Dodo Bag. This special edition Rickshaw messenger bag has a padded front pocket and base sized especially to fit your Dodocase, a few pens, and still have enough room for a few other essential items like a sweater, packed lunch or that really great book you just couldn’t part with.

Staying true to our form, function and footprint.

Here on our blog first, we wanted to show you a few behind the scenes photos from our development process and let you be the first to see our process and craft as we develop a truly special collaboration that we couldn’t be more proud of.

The Dodobag is a special edition Rickshaw messenger bag available for sale exclusively at

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