Biking your values. A trip to the OG.

Mark after 500 miles!

Our founder and CEO Mark Dwight is what you might call a bike “enthusiast.” Or as he says, “I don’t care if you ride a bike, but I think it would be nice if you did.” At Rickshaw we all ride our bikes to work everyday. Collectively we clock 145 miles a week just on our commutes and that’s not including the several hundred miles of leisure riding we (mostly Mark) do on mornings and weekends. We try to live our values as often as we can and this week Mark Dwight is doing just that.

The steep Grade of change.

Earlier this year, Mark was asked to be a speaker at Opportunity Green. It’s an annual conference where new ideas about design, technology and sustainable business are focused on change for good. We think that’s pretty important. Creating change for good is a long journey and this week at OG Mark is speaking about how his journey over the last 3 years building a platform for change at Rickshaw.

To get there, Mark rode his touring bike 500 miles, unassisted, from SF to LA averaging 100 miles a day.

The west coat on the way to LA.

For Mark, riding a bike is more than just personal accomplishment. It’s the very core of Rickshaw. A bike symbolizes human powered change, movement, sustainability and dedication to making things a little better. Of course it’s fun too. So we’d like to encourage you to jump on a bike today. Take a short ride –a spin around the block. If you already ride everyday, try to encourage a friend to come with you, and while your out there think about what changes we can bring to our surroundings, to make things better, and to bike our values.

A quick pause on the ride for a photo opp.

Next up: a recap of Mark’s talk at OG.
Rickshaw: Human Powered.

One Response to “Biking your values. A trip to the OG.”
  1. Amy Leyack says:

    VERY impressive! Good for you, Mark! Actually, good for ALL of you- riding your bikes to work. And, as luck would have it, your messenger bags make bike commuting so easy. I’m able to fit all my work papers (aka “business papers”- to fellow Lebowski enthusiasts), all the contents of my purse AND a change of clothes into one of your bags. Love it!

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