TED: Wednesday July 14th

Greetings from Oxford.

TED Is great so far, and I’m sure the blogosphere is rich with comments and photos. I took a break from TED at 4:30 this afternoon to hop a train back to London to attend a special event at the Rapha Cafe pop-up store to meet fashion designer and expert tailor Timothy Everest, who has been collaborating with Rapha on their cycling sport coat (and I wore the one I purchased when I visited the store on Sunday). I spent two hours chatting with Timothy, as well as Rapha’s head of product development, Simon. Unfortunately, Rapha founder, Simon Mottram, was unable to attend, but I’ll meet him another time. I took along several of our tweed bags, and they loved both the fabric and the bags. I also met with Jacqui Shannon, who has been working in the Rapha Cafe over the several months of it’s brief existence (and it’s closing in three weeks). Jacqui is an independent consultant and event organizer (including the London Tweed Ride) and is overseeing the fashion show for the London Bicycle Film Festival in October. She’s keen to include Rickshaw in her events. I also asked her about helping us get established in London as our entry point to greater Europe.


Mark Dwight

Keble College, site of many of the TED activities.

2 Responses to “TED: Wednesday July 14th”
  1. John says:

    That jacket is the sweetest thing going. Good for you.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Mark, it would be great if you could get an outlet here in England. Your products are not just cool looking, I think the principle of zero waste and how you strive to make things more environmentally friendly is admirable.

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