Rickshaw Sponsors TED India: November 4th – 7th

Right now in Mysore, a roster of amazing speakers and attendees have gathered for four days of TEDIndia – the first TED ever held in South Asia. Rickshaw is sponsoring TEDIndia with 800 colorful square Zero bags – made from scratch in our San Francisco factory. The bags left our warehouse on October 19th and just safely arrived at the Infosys Campus (where the conference is taking place) after a long, crawling journey across the world. Rickshaw is honored to be the official bag sponsor for TEDIndia and we hope the conference attendees enjoy their zero-waste messenger bags.

Click here to learn about the amazing talks that were given on Day 1 and see the rest of the lineup: http://conferences.ted.com/TEDIndia/
TedIndia Bag
Those of us back here in SF have been enjoying the Flickr photos and Twitter updates – keep ’em coming!

2 Responses to “Rickshaw Sponsors TED India: November 4th – 7th”
  1. I love my TED/Rickshaw Bag. I didn’t think I was going to (didn’t get the loveliest color) but after traveling around India the week after the conference, I came to regard it as the ultimate day-bag. My Timbuktu bag is now relegated to laptop only status.

    The clincher for me was the bag’s ability to carry a full sized water bottle vertically. This allowed me to get my camera, extra layer, emergency rations :), and various other gear without creating a lumpy pouch. Nice design folks!

  2. kimooa says:

    Thank you for sharing it.

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