Climate Ride 2009

Ride Today, Change the World

Ride Today, Change the World

In our continuing efforts to celebrate the ‘human-powered’ spirit, Rickshaw is excited to sponsor this year’s Climate Ride with some custom ZERO messenger bags to be used as incentives for those Climate riders who are raising money to bring awareness and change to the global climate crisis.  Our ZERO Messenger is the result of a “less is more” design approach that combines minimalist design and zero-waste manufacturing to create a simple, elegant, functional bag – and we make them from scratch in our San Francisco factory. We think this is a perfectly apropos product for such an endeavor!

A little bit about the ride….Brita Climate Ride 2009 is the first multi-day bicycle ride where your pedal strokes help raise money and awareness for meaningful climate change and renewable energy legislation. This transformative event is ideal for anyone who believes that change is possible and that America can take the lead in a green economy.

September 26–30th, 2009, the Climate Riders will pedal 300 miles from New York City to the nation’s Capitol in Washington D.C. in five days, departing from the heart of Manhattan and then meandering along country roads through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. On the fifth day, riders will cycle past the iconic Washington Monument to arrive near the marble steps of the Capitol building. Here they will celebrate the riders’ amazing accomplishment and valuable contribution to the advancement of climate change education and renewable energy policies.

Along the way, expert speakers will educate and inspire Climate Riders about the science, the policies and the solutions to the climate crisis. It’s a fundraiser and climate conference on wheels! Climate Ride is accepting registrations now and we think there may be a few of you Rickshaw owners out there who might be interested in this unique event. Who knows, you may see a couple of us on the ride too!

Click here to register:


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