Soy fanatico de los cuadernos Moleskine!

“I’m crazy for Moleskine journals!”, writes Luis Cosio from Mexico. We just delivered a Folio to our first customer in Mexico, and he’s delighted, not only with the Folio, but our customer service (Kati is a star!), the stickers we included with the Folio, and a handwritten note from yours truly. In return, we received a lovely email and our first blog posting in Spanish. I can’t tell you what a gift it is to receive feedback like this. I can remember just enough Spanish from high school to understand Luis’ blog posting, and the photos fill in the blanks. This is why I love what I do!

Here’s the message and a link to the blog post…

From: Luis Cosio
Subject: Thxs for your excellent job!!

Kati, today I receive my Mole folio, and it made all my expectatives!!!
You made a great job, and I want to tell to everybody the great company who is Rickshaw, the cusmer service es really great, and sending the folio with goodies like stickers is great.
But a handmade note from your CEO is really amazing!!!! Please forward this mail to Mark.
I’m glad to be the first customer in Mexico, and you can count with my recomendations to all my contacts.
I write a post on my blog, it is in spanish, but I want to share it with yours.
Best Regards

Muchas Gracias Luis! You have exceeded our expectatives!!! 🙂



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