Greetings from San Francisco!

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since my bike ride to TED and the related flurry of blog updates, Facebook messages, Flickr photos, video postcards and tweets I posted along the way. All this social networking stuff is time consuming and exhausting! After TED, we just had to get back to work here at Rickshaw, making bags, communicating with customers, tending to the minutiae of our day-to-day business and preparing for the official production launch of our Backpack and Moleskine Folio. We figured you didn’t need us tweeting every detail if it delayed the actual goal. Well, we’ve made progress. The Backpack is now live on our website, and the Folio will go live next Tuesday, April 21. We also did some work to better integrate blog postings, photos and videos with our web site, so our Rickshawbags homepage has been updated with direct links to our WordPress, Flickr and Vimeo assets. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of writing in my Moleskine journal, and preparing a few new subjects for the blog. Special thanks to our growing list of customers who are helping spread the word about our products and their experiences interacting with us. We’ve even started receiving some gifts from our most ardent supporters. I’ll share some of them with you tomorrow, but for now, let me just say we’re still working on the 10-pound Toblerone chocolate bar we received several weeks ago from our first Folio customer in Switzerland – thanks Yvette! As always, we welcome visitors to our factory and we’re delighted to discuss opportunities to personalize a bag just for you – in person or via email. Whether you’re a regular visitor or a fresh new face, please explore our growing gallery of product photos. That’s all for now. -Mark



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