Sunday Drive


Today I went for a longer test drive on my new Rivendell touring bike, in preparation for my 500-mile trek to Long Beach to attend the TED Conference. It was a glorious morning here in San Francisco – clean streets, clear air and a brisk ocean breeze. I headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge – seven miles from my downtown apartment – where I’ll start my long ride at daybreak on Wednesday, from the middle of the bridge. I used my flip video camera to capture my ride, and my 14-year-old daughter, Ali, edited the footage and added one of my favorite songs as the soundtrack. You can see the video on Facebook or Vimeo (YouTube won’t allow my song).

Aside from the amazing weather, I met no fewer than six people on my ride, stopping to take pictures, or chatting side by side as we pedaled. I was struck by the sharp contrast with driving a car – which is generally stressful, and what little “communication” you have with other drivers generally involves obscene hand gestures. Viva la human powered transportation!

And, as for the weather and amazing scenery – even in troubled times – no matter what happens, we still have this! Please join me for a short ride…

Sunday Drive from Mark Dwight on Vimeo.


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