Got my new Rivendell bicycle!

On Thursday (now yesterday) I took BART to Walnut Creek to get my new Rivendell touring bicycle, which I will be riding 500 miles from SF to Long Beach to attend the TED conference (and back again). More about my ride later. TED runs February 4-7, and Rickshaw is once again the TEDbag sponsor, with generous contributions from Coca-Cola and Steelcase/Designtex. More about the bag later. Rivendell Bicycle Works is a small manufacturer in Walnut Creek specializing in touring bicycles ( When I read their mission on their web site — “to make things that wouldn’t be made if we weren’t here” — I knew I had to check them out. The company was founded in 1994 by Grant Petersen, and has developed a devoted following over the years. The staff is friendly and helpful, and I want to give special thanks to John Bennett and Keven Mowen, who helped spec the bicycle, and mechanic Jay Ritchey who put it all together. Here’s a photo of me and JayMark and Rivendell mechanic Jay Ritchey.Walnut Creek BART station

Sweet Atlantis!

Sweet Atlantis!

One Response to “Got my new Rivendell bicycle!”
  1. Jennifer BB says:

    What a sweet looking ride! Congratulations! I’ve been longing for a Civia Hyland myself—one day. I look forward to hearing about the Ted bag and the ride to Long Beach.

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