It’s a brand new day!

Good morning! Today, those two words ring differently in my ears — because I sincerely believe that this morning is different — in a very good way. I believe yesterday was an inflection point in the history of America. Not because the problems we face this morning are any less than those we faced yesterday morning, or the morning before that. But because this morning we awaken as a nation with a fresh attitude — a positive attitude. Cynics can argue that we have experienced nothing but a superficial changing of the guard — but I’m an optimist, and I submit that we have experienced an epiphany of spirit — a sea change in our national outlook — from a crisis of confidence in our leadership, our purpose in life and our role in the world — to a celebration of hope. The nearly two million people that attended the inauguration of our new leader in person, the million more that stood outside the gates, and the billions who watched worldwide, witnessed the renewal of our spirit. We all face challenges in our own lives everyday, and witness those around us doing the same. We all admire and cheer for those who face adversity with a positive attitude, and a kind heart. I believe that yesterday marked a turning point. I believe once again there is hope that America can be a nation we can truly be proud of, and that others will root for, rather than vilify. I, for one, have a renewed sense of hope. For that reason alone, I think this is a good morning indeed. -MD

One Response to “It’s a brand new day!”
  1. Patrick Ng says:

    Good morning! This whole change is going to be studied extensively. We all hope it is more than a successful campaign, coz it was done most contemporarily using exactly the right technology and stroked the right chords. Let’s find out if it is mere skin deep. Better still, let’s learn how hope and change is created.

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