Zero manufacturing waste

Our Zero Messenger bag produces zero manufacturing waste. This is achieved by means of how we lay out the pattern on the materials when we are ready to cut. In the pictures below you can see that there are some scraps being held up and the next step in the manufacturing of the bag is to tuck this “waste” into the seam of the bag. Thus all the off cuts of material stay with the bag and dont end up in the rubbish. They are of course hidden in the seams so you wont see them but believe us they are there.




4 Responses to “Zero manufacturing waste”
  1. sarah says:

    In the spirit of the Zero, how do you deal with packaging/shipping? How do you reduce packaging materials or use environmentally friendly ones as well as choose a green shipping method? Are there other lean manufacturing or green supply chain steps you take into account when producing the bags? Being green on a large scale is both harder and easier in terms of expense and burden in the outset and reaping the benifits in the long run. I’m curious as to the processes you use and what other green considerations you take into account.


    • Hello Sarah,

      Yes, we do have numerous other green considerations we take into account for example we are currently working on being able to offer a ‘will call’ on our website as a shipping option (still working on this) so that we don’t have to ship product locally. We are also looking into offering delivery via a cycle messenger service.

      As far as packaging goes, we don’t use any major hang tags or collateral on the bags, and we are starting to research various recycled packaging options such as recycled cardboard boxes for shipping. We don’t use plastic bags either to wrap the products when they are shipped instead they go directly into the clean interior of the box. Our packaging is very minimal, basically we only use what is needed to get it there and not much else.

      We’re not ready yet to buy carbon offsets but many company’s do this right now. We could potentially look into this in the future.

      We also have all our rubbish separated into recycling, compost and general waste and its only when we have bags parties here that we have the bins over flowing.

      Hope this helps to help answer your questions.


  2. Kash says:

    Congratulations on the new bike. It’s lovely, and although I’m sorry we couldn’t build up that custom Xtracycle for you, the Atlantis is going to be much more appropriate for this trip.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the bags. My customers are clamoring for a sturdy Basil type fashion bag.

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