Adam Jackson of DailyTechTalk.

Adam Jackson of DailyTechTalk came in to talk to Mark and film the process of making one of Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter Messenger Bags. He captured the entire process which demonstrates how the bags come together and how you can select materials to really personalize the bags look.

Please watch the video:

2 Responses to “Adam Jackson of DailyTechTalk.”
  1. Patrick Ng says:

    WOW! Eye opening to see the whole process. I particularly love the black/red color. If I can customize one, I hope the inner fabric and laptop cushion to be red, better still, add some red camera cushions so that I can use it as a camera bag. Hmmm…. how do I get this made?

    • Hello Patrick,

      Custom bags are not yet on our website but this doesnt mean it cant happen. Get in touch with our customer service team and they will be able to help you work out what is required to start a custom bag.

      We are currently working on some designs for a camera insert for our bags. Watch this space as we will hopefully have these available in 09…

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