A nice comment from our very first on-line customer

We’re delighted to receive this note from our very first on-line customers — a couple from Washington, D.C. Anastasia ordered her bag first. Right after she received it, her husband Mark promptly ordered one for himself. Here’s what she had to say…

“We really love our bags. I bought the medium bag for my work laptop which, due to being an old Dell, weighs a lot but the bag really made a difference in how the weight felt on my shoulder. I have to struggle quite a bit to get my laptop in and out of the sleeve due to the extra girth (plastic around the screen) of a PC laptop screen, but I manage. My co-workers can’t believe that the cover cloth is made of recycled bottles, I look forward to when there are a some bottles to bags in brighter colors. My small messenger fits my MacBook quite well, my favorite detail beyond the moleskine pockets, is the shhhh magnets and the fact that you paid attention to which side of the velcro potentially comes in contact with my clothes. I had stopped carrying my [other] bags due to the velcro pilling my clothes. My husband loves the spacious front pockets, the moleskine pockets, the fact that the bag sits upright, and the comfort of the shoulder strap.

I was checking out the pictures on Flickr of all the work in progress and we really look forward to the new products to come.

Thanks from two very happy customers.”

Anastasia and Mark (Washington, D.C.)


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